The Council is the “steward” of the Presbytery, ensuring that our values are preserved and responsibilities carried out.


The Council functions like a congregational Session.

Three Teams

Council coordinates its work through three teams:

  1. Strategic Coordinating Team (SCT) – Directs us on how to do our mission effectively.
  2. Generative Catalyst Team (GCT) – Views the Presbytery from the perspective of “the balcony”, bringing regular reports to the Presbytery Gatherings and raising challenges and opportunities.
  3. Administrative – Oversees the resources and assets of the Presbytery. Committees include: Presbytery Gathering Team (PGT), Staff Relations and Trustees.

The following teams report directly to the Presbytery:

Committee on Ministry (COM)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Permanent Judicial Committee (PJC)
Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT)

Point of Contact: Jack Clement, RE, Moderator

Semi-Monthly Meeting: Fourth Tuesday, 4 PM – 8 PM


Core Values

  • Cultivating Healthy Congregations
  • Living a Reformed Faith
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Pursuing Unity with Diversity
  • Choosing Authenticity

Core Values Paper

Jack Clement, RE, Moderator
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff
Tom Cramer, TE, Staff
Elvira Ortez, Support Staff

Hagar Benitez, RE
Anne Christensen, RE
Robin Clardy, TE, PLR Moderator
Sue Currie, RE
Mark Davis, TE, GCT Moderator
Steve Ernest, RE
Bill Ewing, RE
Jesse Lund, TE, Trustees Moderator
Steve Marsh, TE, SCT Moderator
Deborah Mayhew, RE, PLR Moderator-Elect
Tim McCalmont, TE
Duncon McColl, TE
Marilyn Moore, RE
Winston Presnall, TE, SR Moderator
Joseph Shin, TE
Jerry Tankersley, TE
Steve Wirth, TE, COM Moderator Ex-Officio

Council Acronyms:

COM – Committee on Ministry
CPM – Committee on Preparation for Ministry GCT – Generative Catalyst Team
PLR – Presbytery of Los Ranchos
SCT – Strategic Coordinating Team
SR – Staff Relations