The Council is the “steward” of the Presbytery, ensuring that our values are preserved and responsibilities carried out.


The Council functions like a congregational Session.

Three Teams

Council coordinates its work through three teams:

  1. Strategic Coordinating Team (SCT) – Directs us on how to do our mission effectively.
  2. Generative Catalyst Team (GCT) – Views the Presbytery from the perspective of “the balcony”, bringing regular reports to the Presbytery Gatherings and raising challenges and opportunities.
  3. Administrative – Oversees the resources and assets of the Presbytery. Committees include: Presbytery Gathering Team (PGT), Staff Relations and Trustees.

The following teams report directly to the Presbytery:

Committee on Ministry (COM)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)
Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT)

Point of Contact: Gail Stearns, TE, Moderator

Core Values

  • Cultivating Healthy Congregations
  • Living a Reformed Faith
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Pursuing Unity with Diversity
  • Choosing Authenticity

Core Values Paper

Gail Stearns, TE, Moderator
Tom Cramer, TE, Executive Presbyter
Sandra Kim, TE, Stated Clerk
Carol Bridgeman, RE, Staff
PLR Moderator, David Beary, TE
PLR Vice-Moderator, Lori Ruff-Schmalenberger, RE
COM Moderator, Jeff Bridgeman, TE
SCT Moderator, Nathan Flores, RE
SRC Moderator, Leanne Strommen, RE
Trustees, Mike Regele, TE
Lissa Smith, TE
Lucy Stafford-Lewis, TE
Steve Sweet, TE