Committee On Ministry (COM)

The Committee on Ministry enables the healthy ministry of our pastors and congregations. The committee prayerfully and conscientiously seeks to:

1. Listen with congregations as they seek God’s voice in their pastoral searches.

2. Validate pastors who are called to specialized ministries.

3. Serve as the fellowship of accountability for healthy and balanced relationships between parishes and pastors.

4. Provide our clergy with opportunities for pastoral and educational growth in their ministries.

5. Help clergy serve as prophetic and pastoral spiritual leaders by provide support and training for elders, deacons and congregational nominating committees.

6. Offer a trained response team when conflict threatens the well-being of a local congregation.

Point of Contact: Steve Wirth, Moderator

Monthly Meeting: 1st Thursday, 12 Noon-4 PM


Steve Wirth, TE, Moderator
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff

Jeff Bridgeman, TE
Cedar Dang, TE
Mary DeBar, RE
Mary Hornbuckle, RE
Jack Loo, TE
Adel Malek, TE
Geoff Nelson, TE
Marionette Oliver, RE
Emmett Raitt, RE
Chaemoon Shim, RE
Kathy Sizer, TE
Lucy Stafford-Lewis, TE
Gail Stearns, TE
Dave Swidrak, RE
Jim Szeyller, TE
Maxine Verch, RE
Bill Weeks, RE
Paul White, TE
Marge McIntosh, TE
Mike Markwith, RE