Strategic Coordinating Team (SCT)

As its name indicates, the SCT “coordinates” strategies of the presbytery that bubble up from leaders, congregations, and partnerships. It ensures that strategies embody the values of the presbytery

The SCT Network Team Charters is a document that outlines the work of the SCT and its four Network teams. The SCT has responsibilities for developing and overseeing:

1. Congregational Renewal
2. New Worshiping Communities
3. Racial-Ethnic Ministries
4. Partnerships & Networks
5. Grants – To view the SCT Grant Presentation, dated 12/4/2020, click here.

SCT Listening Campaign

Point of Contact: Jonas Hayes TE, Moderator

Meeting Schedule: 6-8 Meetings per Year

Upcoming Meetings:

SCT Meetings are on Thursday afternoons at 4PM on Zoom.

2023 SCT Meeting Dates: January 19, March 16, April 27, May 25, July 13, August 17, October 12, December 7

SCT is currently in a period of transition and it has not filled the convener positions for 2023.

  • Christian Formation & Discipleship
  • Healthy Congregations
  • Alfredo Delgado, TE, Interim Convener, New Worshiping Communities
  • Worldwide Mission & Community Engagement

Jonas Hayes, TE, Moderator 2023
Tom Cramer, TE, Staff
Debbie Haley, RE, Staff

Class of 2023
Maggie Goodwin, TE
Jonas Hayes, TE
Johnson Kinyua, TE
Paul White, TE
Class of 2024
Roy Ketring
Leticia Morales
Class of 2025
Nathan Flores, RE

For a complete list of the grants available through the presbytery, synod, and PC(USA), please visit our Resources page under Grants for Ministry, Mission, and Partnerships.