Presbytery Partners in Mission

The Strategic Coordinating Team is tasked with the great privilege of processing grants for mission within our presbytery. We have four network teams: Healthy Congregations, New Worshiping Communities, Christian Formation and Discipleship, and last, but most important regarding this post, is the Worldwide Mission and Community Engagement Team.

Every year, Los Ranchos congregations support our collective mission as a presbytery through Per Capita and General Mission giving. A portion of these funds are dedicated to the SCT budget for oversight and distribution. You are welcome to DONATE to this fund at any time in the year.

The generous giving of our congregations funds so many amazing projects! This page is merely a sample of the wonderful partners in mission that the SCT has supported in 2022. Each of these missions is in partnership with at least one if not several PLR congregations. If you are looking for a cause worthy of supporting, or simply curious to know how the presbytery’s mission dollars are being spent, look no further! Click on the + button of each mission partner to learn more about the good they are doing in their community and in our world.

If you have a mission partner you want to bring to the attention of the presbytery, consider applying for an SCT Matching Grant. Partnering mission organizations are welcome to submit the application on their own, we simply require a notification of the partnering PLR congregation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support staff, Debbie Haley.

It is indeed a privilege to serve the presbytery in this way. I am grateful for the many ways our presbytery is “developing partnerships that joyfully participate in God’s redemptive worship through Jesus Christ in the world!”

Rev. Jonas Hayes, SCT Moderator

Bridge of Faith:

Bridge of Faith is a non-profit residential program for girls and women, committed to providing a response to the high rate of recidivism in our prisons.

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Bridge of Faith was established in 1996 as a non-profit committed to help stop the high rate of recidivism in our prisons and to assist girls/women who have aged out of foster care, or who may be facing homelessness. The program helps residents with emotional healing to achieve economic self-sufficiency and emotional stability by instilling self-esteem. Bridge of Faith is committed to breaking the cycles that lead to poverty and self-destruction. “We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.”

Partners in Mission: Whittier Presbyterian-Salem Lutheran Church

To learn more visit their website:

Christian Outreach in Action:

COA provides hunger relief programs and basic necessities for 23,000 low-income individuals, including seniors and children, every year.

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Christian Outreach in Action (COA) provides hunger relief programs and basic necessities for 23,000 low-income individuals, including seniors and children, every year. COA serves more than 170,000 hot meals annually and is the only organization in Long Beach to serve hot meals 7-days-a-week. Every weekday, COA operates a food bank where low-income families can pick produce and groceries in a farmer’s market style food bank. COA also offers clothing and diapers fto families in need.

PLR’s support addresses the needs of homeless and low-income individuals and families in Long Beach as they continue to be impacted from COVID-19 as it stretches out over the next two to three years.

Partners in Mission: Covenant Presbyterian Church and Grace First Presbyterian Church, both in Long Beach.

To learn more visit their website:

Crittenton Services:

Crittenton provides transitional and independent living programs to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty for youth.

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The Transitional Housing Program, Stepping Stones, provides housing, independent living skills, career and educational development to current and former foster young adults, ages 18-24. This team works hard to provide their clients with the skills needed to function as an independent adult to include opportunities to attend college, develop a career path and how to care for themselves by providing stable housing. 

The funds received from the Presbytery of Los Ranchos grant provided much needed assistance to fully furnish and supply 2 young adults with a safe place to call home. The pride these young adults feel when they see a picture hanging on the wall and lay under a comforting blanket, is heartwarming. 

Partners in Mission: First Presbyterian Church, Fullerton

To learn more visit their website:

Habitat for Humanity LA:

Habitat LA is constructing 36 affordable homes for deserving, lower-income families in the Washington Neighborhood of Long Beach.

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Affordable housing for working families is needed more than ever in Southern California, especially as we work our way out of the COVID 19 pandemic. To help answer this call, Habitat LA is constructing 36 affordable homes for deserving, lower-income families in the Washington Neighborhood of Long Beach (on 14th Street between Locust and Palmer Court), an area of high poverty and need.

PLR’s support goes directly to providing resources for building materials (siding, drywall, paint, etc.) to ensure the construction deadline is met. Habitat for Humanity LA is pleased to have multiple supporters for this project, including a mix of businesses, faith partners, individuals, public funding, and community partners who are committed to supporting the project thus far.

Partners in Mission: Grace First Presbyterian Church, Long Beach 

To learn more visit their website:

Habitat OC:

Habitat for Humanity, Orange County partners with families in need to build affordable housing, strength and self-reliance.

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Habitat OC will build two affordable single-family homes on Lacy Street in the French Park neighborhood of Santa Ana. This will help provide critical stability for two families, improve their children’s educational outcomes, and make a more significant economic impact on the community. The homes will be sold to moderate-income families who do not qualify for conventional mortgage financing. Each family completes homeownership classes, contributes sweat equity towards their new home, and is provided with a Family Partner to mentor them throughout the process.

Partners in Mission: The Presbytery Coalition, which includes some of the following PLR congregations: Anaheim First Presbyterian Church, Community Presbyterian Church, San Juan Capistrano, First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton, First Presbyterian Church of Orange, First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana, Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Presbyterian Church, Placentia Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, Presbyterian Church of the Master, San Clemente Presbyterian Church, St. Mark Presbyterian Church, Tustin Presbyterian Church, Yorba Linda Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

Read more: Los Ranchos’ Long History with Habitat for Humanity

Hoag FCN:

Hoag’s Faith Community Nurses partner with congregations to provide health care, education and spiritual support and also began Art4Healing in 2022.

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This year’s funding to the Hoag Faith Community Nurse (FCN) Program was in support of a new initiative, Art4Healing, a program designed to augment existing services by training and certifying an individual so that they could bring art therapy classes to their area churches. Topics include Helping Teens Unmask Feelings with Therapeutic Painting; The Mental Health Benefits of Expressive Art, Giving Grief a Voice through Expressive Painting.

 Partners in Mission: Association of Presbyterian Members of Hoag

 To learn more visit their website:

Home for Refugees:

Home for Refugees advocates for resettlement assistance and creates community relationships for ongoing support to refugee families.

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Home for Refugees was started by PLR minister member, Rev. Minda Schweizer to work to resettle refugees during their first year in the United States by recruiting, training, and supporting volunteer teams to work with the refugees on all aspects of their resettlement needs. They partner with resettlement agencies like Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, International Rescue Committee, and Uplift Charity to provide maximum services for the newcomers in Orange County. Churches form a team, or combine efforts with other churches and individuals, to serve in team partnerships with a refugee family.

Partners in Mission: Trabuco Presbyterian Church, Placentia Presbyterian Church, Canvas Presbyterian Church and St. Mark Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

LAC + USC Chaplaincy:

Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder, the Presbyterian Chaplain at LAC+USC Medical Center, feels privileged to walk with people in the midst of their trauma and pain towards healing.

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Elizabeth began this role in February of 2015, though Presbyterians have been united in their dedication to accompany the poor and sick in Los Angeles for over 75 years. In the hospital, she serves as part of the Spiritual Care Department. She has lead responsibility for several floors where she does rounds, visiting room to room providing spiritual care to the patients and their families and the staff. She also responds to urgent requests for chaplain presence from all parts of the hospital. Each day brings something new.

As a multi-faith health care provider, the LAC+USC Medical Center stands at the crossroads of Pacific, San Gabriel and Los Ranchos Presbyteries and the Synod of Southern California, which together financially support the chaplain position through mission giving.

Partners in Mission: Presbyteries of the Pacific, San Gabriel, San Fernando and Los Ranchos and the Synod of Southern California

To learn more visit these websites: and

NorthEast of the Well:

More than Conquerors, a training program used by NorthEast of the Well, trains new volunteers for street outreach as well as trauma training.

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NorthEast of the Well partners with churches to grow the ministry’s volunteer base and offers training that empowers new volunteers to respond to God’s call to help free victims of human trafficking. Street outreach volunteers offer prayers and gift bags to women on the streets of LA who are being trafficked. To prepare these volunteers for effective ministry, NorthEast also purchased a trauma response curriculum called Treasures Training. This five-week program focuses on the basic issues of human trafficking, how it starts, and what kind of trauma results from this evil. The training teaches participants to notice the signs of sexual exploitation and how to care for people who are being trafficked. This training is mandatory for all NorthEast staff members and any volunteers interested in doing human trafficking outreach. In 2022, NorthEast of the Well led 27 people through Treasures Training and received 13 new active volunteers for street outreach.

Partners in Mission: Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church, San Clemente Presbyterian Church and Trabuco Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

Orange County Rescue Mission:

The OC Rescue Mission has a number of programs that provide resources to individuals and families seeking to overcome homelessness.

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OCRM’s flagship campus, Village of Hope, serves 170,000 meals per year. A new addition to the Rescue Mission is the Double R Ranch, a working horse ranch where men have a unique faith-based, educational opportunity to experience the healing effects of hard work in the outdoors with animals. This amazing facility gives its residents a safe place to heal, learn and start a new life. It also serves as a weekend retreat for Village of Hope families. The presbytery’s grant supported the following renovation projects: kitchen and cafeteria renovation and remodel; men’s building demo, flooring, lighting, and paint; staircase demo and window install; exterior landscaping; HVAC, and more.

Partners in Mission: First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton, Canvas Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

Pathways of Hope:

Pathways of Hope’s Regional Food Service Program provides over 300,000 meals to over 10,000 homeless and low-income people in North Orange County.

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The Regional Service Program operates out of Pathway of Hope’s food and resource distribution center, the HUB of Hope, in Fullerton. Grant funds were given to support the HUB, as it plays a key role in the operations of the food program and the management of dozens of volunteers who provide critical labor on behalf of this program and the struggling people it serves.

Partners in Mission: First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton

To learn more visit their website:

Patrick’s Purpose Foundation:

Patrick’s Purpose promotes mental wellness in schools to create a student-driven culture of kindness through educational programs and initiatives.

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Patrick Turner (whose family attends St. Mark in Newport Beach) committed suicide at age 16 in 2018. His parents created the Patrick’s Purpose Foundation to help other teens struggling with feeling as though they don’t belong. Presbytery funds were given towards a Buddy Bench for schools/churches. Additionally, a grant was made so that the Presbytery could be a sponsor for the Patrick’s Purpose Annual Walk With Us, a community event aimed at breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Partners in Mission: St. Mark Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

Shower Plus Ministries:

The Shower Plus Ministry was started over 10 years ago by First Presbyterian Church of Garden Grove to help their neighboring homeless population.

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Currently assisting approximately 80 participants with food and 50 with showers every Tuesday and Thursday, The Shower Plus Ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Garden Grove is central to the life and mission of the church. This ministry is continuing to expand its offerings to include food, clothing, and showers, as well as a barber who volunteers once a month to cut hair. A mobile health care unit also provides help with medical issues. There is also a resource professional assisting with housing for those in need. The VA also comes to work with the veterans.

Partners in Mission: Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church

To learn more visit their website:

Syria-Lebanon Partnership:

The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon is a partnership of 35 churches that work together to address the on-going crises they face in the region.

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Much of the work that is done by the Syria-Lebanon Partnership is aimed at rebuilding and supporting schools that serve about 600 students from the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. These schools were set up by the NESSL and are staffed by professionally trained people from the churches in the Synod. New urgencies have arisen due to the pandemic and the political-economic crisis in Lebanon.

Partners in Mission: Rev. Tim McCalmont, Rev. Jonas Hayes

To learn more visit their website:

Wells of Life:

Wells of Life is a non-profit Christian organization that is committed to providing access to clean water for people in rural Uganda.

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Wells of Life accomplishes its mission by building and restoring wells in rural Uganda. The organization set its goal at providing clean water for over 200,000 people in rural Uganda in 2022. Presbytery grant funds went toward the restoration of a well as part of the Healthy Village Program (aka WASH). This program provides training and assistance to meet the Wells of Life standards for sanitation and hygiene including household latrines and hand washing stations, as well as menstrual pads for young girls in school.

 Partners in Mission: First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton and Laguna Presbyterian Church.

To learn more visit their website:

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