A Story of Resurrection in Boyle Heights

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One of Los Ranchos’ newest New Worshiping Communities, Iglesia Cristiana De Las Americas in Boyle Heights, occupies the building that was once the home of El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Church, whom we remember with gratitude for their more than 100 years of ministry. The tears shed and the prayers said at the end of El Divino Salvador’s journey are now watering the seeds of a new and vital ministry to and with the communities of East Los Angeles.

Rev. Jose Felix Acosta and dozens of church leaders are joyfully engaged in learning what it means to become part of the Reformed family of churches.

In this letter he shares their enthusiasm and gratitude:


May Gods blessings be upon all of you!

My name is Reverend Jose Felix Acosta, Pastor of Iglesia Las Americas. I want to give a summary of my personal perception of the Reformed Training that members of our church are currently taking.

We are taking these classes as part of the process for our church to continue to grow in its understanding of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our ministry in the Boyle Height community began in August of 2019 when we moved into the Divine Savior Presbyterian Church building.

The original plan was to only rent the facilities as we were renting a Free Methodist Church in Highland Park. However, at the end of 2019 we decided to leave the Free Methodist Church  and focus on the community of the new location, where El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Church was formerly located.

Directing our ministry and connecting with different ministerial areas of the Presbyterian  Church, identifying ourselves in most of them, we decided to begin the process of incorporation into this new denominational family after a year of moving in.

It was on November 18, 2021, that we were received as a New Worshiping Community by the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. That was a great pivotal moment for all of us. Which is why for us the next logical step was for about 40 leaders of our church to take a Reformed Training. We have been studying the history, government, worship, and theological foundations of the Presbyterian Church.

We have had 6 sessions. The first three with Rev. Juan Sarmiento from San Fernando Presbytery and the other three with Rev. Dr. Alfredo Delgado. We are so grateful  to God for this wonderful and edifying gradual process that we are in, because we have discovered a mainline denomination full of love, vision, and mission.

We have felt that we totally identify and little by little are being integrated. Our leaders are expectant in each class and motivated to learn more about our new family, its history, and its methods and structures of ministerial work.

We, as the Iglesia Cristianos De Las Americas, firmly believe that we are more and more prepared to be part of the Presbyterian Church and be an active part in supporting their ministries in any way that is required for God’s kingdom to continue to grow through our family.

We believe that soon we will be enabled to continue to carry the flag of Christ but also the banner of our new denominational family. We also believe that from now on we are empowered to support our new denominational family and be an engine for the Hispanic/ Latino ministerial area here in Boyle Heights. It also means that from now on there is an embassy of the Kingdom of God there and an embassy of the Presbyterian Church to continue preaching the name of Jesus Christ in our community and beyond.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Jose Felix Acosta