Food Pantry


Our goal is to feed the homeless of Long Beach seven days a week. Even with COA increasing the number of meals served annually from 120,000 to 128,00 over the past three years, the need is not met. Currently COA serves a hot meal twice a day, five days a week. Currently, COA does not have the resources to continue services through the weekend evenings the weekends leaving families, children, veterans and seniors to search for food on their own.
In order to meet this need, COA needs to add the capacity to serve roughly 52,000 additional meals per year — 2 meals each Saturday and Sunday to roughly 250 individuals at a time for 52 weeks a year for an additional cost of $80,000.


Our most enduring and valued ministry at Grace First has been working collaboratively with Christian Outreach in Action (COA), a nonprofit that cares for the most vulnerable residents of Long Beach. Through COA we help to feed, clothe, and shelter hungry and homeless families, seniors, children, and adults. By ensuring that these individuals have their basic needs met we provide stability and help to ameliorate the economic disadvantages homeless and impoverished families face.
We provide spiritual support and guidance to individuals in the face of their troubles and help them find a path to a better life.

Because of You

Because of you we are able to serve the roughly 24,000 individuals in Long Beach who are homeless over the course of a year. One third of those are children. On any given day, 35% of homeless individuals are unaccompanied children under the age of 18. Fifty percent of homeless are veterans. There are nearly 800 seniors and 800 families who are homeless in Long Beach on any given day.


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