Commissioner Packet for September 24th Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos

Please note: you do not need to print and download all three documents. Simply access the document that is most helpful to you for the meeting. The Presbytery office is not able to print hardcopies of the packet. If you are unable to print or download, please contact your church office to see if they can assist. Since we are using Zoom and you will need your screen to view the meeting, it’s helpful to download the packet to another device or print a copy.

To print: Download the pdf document to your desktop, or other folder on your computer. Open the document from your computer (so not from your internet browser) and select print. The document will not print from the browser or from your Dropbox account as it is a “view only” file.

Commissioner Packet – This is the complete packet and includes all the reports and appendices (246 pages)

Report Packet – This contains only the REPORTS from the main Commissioner Packet, with no appendices. Page numbers line up with the table of contents from the Commissioner Packet. (53 pages)

Appendix Packet – This contains only the APPENDICES from the main Commissioner Packet, with no reports. (198 pages)

Supplemental Packet – This was posted on 9/21/2020.