Come to the Table: Worship Planning Retreat

Jun 15, 2023

Planning Ahead for Worship in 2023-2024 with Dr. Marcia McFee – Free to You

The Presbytery of Los Ranchos is pleased to offer you the chance to participate in Dr. Marcia McFee’s August 13-16, live stream worship planning retreat at no cost. Our participation gives you access to the entire event and the recordings in perpetuity for free!

This multi-day continuing education experience will focus on planning ahead for the liturgical year. The last few years have pushed us all to become more “rhythm flexible” through offering online and hybrid worship; at the same time we recognize that weekly worship is an important source of spiritual nourishment and community connection for many people in our communities.

Dr. McFee will explore emerging themes to engage with in worship, and provide guidance in developing concrete plans for each season of the liturgical year. Her teaching draws upon historical and thematic notes from traditional scripture lectionaries as well as non-lectionary sources. Engage with the arts – music, media, and the visual, verbal, and dramatic arts – to bring your message alive in meaningful and memorable worship.

Your participation in this retreat will also give you access to the Worship Design Studio website, Dr. McFee’s online community of 8,000+ pastors, worship staff, and volunteers, who put her design principles into practice and bring creativity and inspiration into their own communities.

All you need to do is register. Invite unlimited members or even potential members of your worship team to sign up as well. We encourage you to take advantage of this free offer (usually $150 per church) made possible through the presbytery’s generosity.