Orange Canaan Hosts November Presbytery Gathering

Dec 2, 2022

On the afternoon of November 30th Teaching and Ruling Elders gathered at Orange Canaan Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana for the final Presbytery Gathering of 2022. Upon entering the campus all were greeted with the aroma of dinner delicacies and the sight of fall flower centerpieces on dining tables. Members of the congregation welcomed their guests and busily worked to complete preparations for what would be a memorable time together.

The business meeting was conducted in a spirit of cooperation & respect concluding earlier than docketed. Presbyters welcomed new commissioners, received reports, and voted on motions affecting the life of the presbytery and its congregations.

Trustee Moderator, Mike Regele, clearly and concisely presented not only the proposed 2023 budget but also explained the values and reasoning behind it. The budget was adopted without dissent proving that thoughtfulness and transparency engender trust. Alfredo Delgado recognized leaders from Los Ranchos and beyond who had completed Missional and Pioneer Leader Training (M&PLT). Videos highlighting the vibrant ministries of the presbytery’s New Worshiping Communities (NWC) were shown throughout the day. (To view all nine individual videos, click here.) Many of those ministries are led by the very same leaders recognized for completing M&PLT.

The Rev. David Beary, PhD, Temporary Supply Pastor of Norwalk and Shin Il Presbyterian Churches, was elected Vice Moderator. SueJeanne Koh was examined and unanimously moved from Inquirer to Candidate. Co-Moderator of the Strategic Task Group, Maggie Goodwin, updated presbyters on the group’s work highlighting a priority to ensure the “long-term diversity of voices in the presbytery’s decision-making processes” by hiring “at least one Presbytery staff member… who is fluent in the Korean language as well as English, knowledgeable in the Korean culture and capable of increasing the appreciation of PCUSA decision-making processes and of stimulating greater participation by Korean-speaking Presbyterians”, committing to “stimulating greater participation [in the presbytery’s life] by Korean-speaking Presbyterians, and giving “prominence, in both Presbytery meetings and other contexts, to the voices of NWC leaders and others from whom the rest of the Presbytery needs to learn.”  And the Sexual Misconduct Response Team presented revisions to the Child, Youth and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy recognizing the needs of all God’s people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

All of the day’s business honored the faithful witness of Los Ranchos churches and the diversity of the people God has called into ministry here. After the meeting adjourned with prayer, presbyters moved to the fellowship hall and patio to enjoy a Korean Barbeque feast that was a 10+ on the deliciousness meter. Appetites sated, the gathering moved back to the sanctuary for worship led by Orange Canaan’s musicians and choir. Pastor, Inn Chun Kim preached on the story of Zaccheaus suggesting that the focus of the narrative was not the height-challenged tax collector, but rather the tree. He preached in Korean and Esta O more than capably translated for English speakers. As is Los Ranchos’ tradition we acknowledged pastors and elders who had completed their baptism in the past year and remembered God’s gift of Jesus the Christ in the sacrament of communion. At the end of the day, participants celebrated their unity and their uniqueness and wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving and traveling mercies.

All in all it was a very good day. Thanks be to God.

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