Viva, Esperanza!

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(Esperanza Viva receives an exciting grant)

Eliseo Morales, Jr is excited and wants you to know. Esperanza Viva, specifically, the youth ministry of Esperanza Viva, is due to receive a grant next year that is on the cutting edge of ministry to youth.

“It is an awesome opportunity for our church and for this presbytery!” he shared. “And, there is even a surprise in all of it!” (Read to the end to find the surprise…)

The grant that Esperanza Viva has received is from a partnership of the Lily Endowment and Princeton Seminary, through something called the Log College Project.

The Log College Project is an initiative of Princeton Seminary to help congregations design, test and implement new models of youth ministry. Of the more than 200 congregations that applied, 53 were selected to be part of a Community Engagement Project. This project tasked the congregations to dig deeper into their particular church’s history in the community and envision what youth ministry could look like, given their particular context.

Out of the more than 50 congregations that participated, twelve were chosen to be part of the Community of Practice Project. These twelve congregations were selected to receive a $15,000 grant to build new ministries that take theology and young people seriously, and to become part of a movement that seeks a new vision for what youth ministry is and can become. These congregations will be charged with doing research on youth ministry and to work alongside one another and other forward thinking youth leaders from around the country.

“Esperanza Viva and its youth worked hard on this application, and the process, and we are proud and excited to be a part of this project!” shared Eliseo.

“What is next for us is to create a team of five people consisting of youth, young adults, and members of the congregation to work together to fulfill the grant requirements,” explained Eliseo. “I am so excited about this new chapter in the life of the church and I hope others are as well,” he continued.

And the surprise? Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City was also selected as one of the twelve congregations. Fifth Avenue’s youth pastor happens to be none other than Rev. Warner Ramirez, who was a candidate under care of the Los Ranchos Presbytery.

“That is something also to brag about a little bit, as it means Los Ranchos is definitely doing something great with its candidates!” shared Eliseo.

Congratulations to Esperanza Viva, and keep up the good work!