Sunday, March 19, 5 PM
San Clemente Presbyterian Church RSVP

kpmiwj-b78147628z.120070423234358000gj160gu1.1Michael Moynagh, author of Church for Every Context, observed that in experiments “there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.”

In September of 2002, Rev. Steve Wright was sent to Ladera Ranch to begin work on a new project with the hope of establishing a Presbyterian Church in this community.

Village Presbyterian Church (also known as Common Villages) was present here for almost 700 Sundays.

oThe mission was successful in that lives were touched by the grace of God but in the end the mission was unsustainable.

So what was learned along the way? Come to an evening of grace and truth as Pastor Steve reflects on the learning, the losses and the insights gained over 14 years.

This evening will be of particular interest to our seven partner churches, the Strategic Coordinating Team and the Trustees of the Los Ranchos Presbytery.

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