Presbytery of Los Ranchos Church Spotlight Videos

We’ve created video slideshows that highlight our churches in the Presbytery of Los Ranchos, their congregations, and the work they are doing in their communities and around the world. Please note that the slideshows are snapshots of that particular time in the church, so there may have been some changes since the slideshows were created.

Spotlight #2: September 2019

Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, St. Peter’s By-the-Sea, The Arabic Church of Huntington Beach, Geneva Presbyterian Church, Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, St. Mark Presbyterian Church

Spotlight #4: February 2020

First Pres Garden Grove, Vietnamese Presbyterian Church, First Pres Santa Ana, Formosan Presbyterian Church of OC, La Habra Hills Presbyterian Church, Norwalk Presbyterian Church, Esperanza Viva

Spotlight #5: September 2020

Anaheim First Presbyterian Church, Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s & New Hope, Church of Amazing Grace International, Canvas Presbyterian Church, Shepherd’s Grove Presbyterian Church