More Teams

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is responsible to guide the process for full preparation of individuals who are to be ordained as ministers of the Word and Sacrament. The committee does this by:

1. Providing orientation for individuals and sessions considering church vocations.

2. Prayerfully discerning the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives and ministries of Inquirers and Candidates under care of the Presbytery.

3. Building faithful relationships with sessions and seminaries that support and train Inquirers and Candidates.

4. Providing direction and information to equip Inquirers and Candidates educationally and vocationally.

5. Challenging those in the preparation for ministry process to a mature obedience to the Holy Spirit in their life and vocation.



Point of Contact: Forrest Claassen
Monthly Meeting: 2nd Thursday, 9 AM-12 Noon


Moderator, Jackson Clelland, TE
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff

Vanessa Bates, RE
Betty Christiansen, RE
Nelson Grande, TE
Ron Kernaghan, TE
Amy Stallings, TE
Randy Steele, TE
Bob Van Over, RE
Tobin Wilson, TE


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible to seek, discover, and develop the most effective personnel possible for presbytery committees; to present to presbytery nominations for all elected positions:

1. Presbytery vice-moderator, and when needed, presbytery moderator

2. All permanent presbytery committee members

3. Synod commissioners

4. Presbytery “representatives” or special requests for General Assembly Committees


Point of Contact: Leanne Strommen, TE, Moderator
Meeting: Approximately quarterly, 4-6 PM, PLR office


Leanne Strommen, TE, Moderator
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff

Mark Hong TE
Margaret Hullett, RE
Jane Parker, RE
Anne Sivley, RE
Leanne Strommen TE
Sharon Wakamoto, RE
Ernesto Hernandez, TE

Permanent Judicial Committee (PJC)

Responsible for carrying out the Church’s judicial process as defined by the Rules of Discipline.



Point of Contact: Forrest Claassen
Meeting: As Needed


Moderator TBA
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff

Candie Blankman, TE
Tom Magill, RE
Bob Parker, RE
Paul Reeves, TE

Elizabeth Steele, TE
Chuck Wakamoto, RE

Presbytery Gathering Team (PGT)

Purpose – To build enthusiasm and energy for the Presbytery Gathering, by coordinating activities that flow together in a natural rhythm for missional effectiveness.

Function – With input from teams and committees, to plan entire Presbytery Gathering, including all elements of the gathering. The team will consolidate the duties of the Docket Committee, Open Space, worship and logistics. The team will also seek regular feedback on Gatherings.


Point of Contact: Deborah Mayhew, RE Moderator
Meeting: As needed at 1:30-4:00 PM in the PLR office


Deborah Mayhew, RE, Moderator
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff
Tom Cramer, TE, Staff

Debbie Haley, Staff

Mark Davis, TE
Lynn Gifford, TE
Chineta Goodjoin, TE
Lynn Stone, TE
Steve Sweet, TE

Susan Thornton, CE

Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT)

SMRT, in consultation with the Committee on Ministry, may arrange for the pastoral care of affected persons (victim and immediate family, accuser and immediate family, and congregation and staff, of the accused). SMRT and the Committee on Ministry will also work with churches to prevent sexual misconduct and to support the creation of individual church sexual misconduct policies.


Point of Contact: Steve Wirth, Moderator



Staff Relations (SR)

The Committee on Staff Relation is responsible for:

  1. Updating PLR’s Staff Rationale and Position Descriptions
  2. Obtaining approval for the Staff Relations Budget in collaboration with the Budget Subcommittee of the Trustees
  3. Reviewing adequacy of compensation
  4. Establishing processes and appointing authorized people to hire, train, evaluate, and terminate employees
  5. Ensuring compliance with government regulations
  6. Maintaining the Employee Handbook



Point of Contact: R. Winston Presnall, TE, Moderator
Monthly Meeting: 3rd Thursday, 9:30-11:00 AM


R. Winston Presnall, TE, Moderator
Forrest Claassen, TE, Staff
Tom Cramer, TE, Staff
Kathy Long, Staff

Penny Prol, RE
Steve Ranney, TE
Julie Sager, RE
Kathy Smith, RE
Gary Waller, TE
Cheryl White, RE