Congregations and partnerships flourish when they embody the love and justice of Christ.

What makes us innovative as a presbytery is how we intentionally cultivate our congregations and partnerships toward greater vitality.

We offer three primary paths where congregations and mission partners learn promising ways of doing God’s mission.

With multiple tools, entrepreneurs are equipped to start a new church, churches that have stalled re-invent themselves, and energized congregations find new ways to embody the love and justice of Christ to their neighbors.

These are not master plans that guarantee success. They feel more like thoughtful experiments in which constant learning is championed and where we find ourselves better equipped for each venture.

Our intent is less about saving programs, increasing attendance, and balancing budgets, and more about tracing the energy of God’s Spirit among God’s people—and then re-forming ourselves to follow the new thing that Christ is doing among us. The journey can be messy, risky, and thrilling.

So come and see as imagination thrives, new patterns emerge, and congregations and partnerships bear fruit.

Innovative Congregations

Community, Costa Mesa — New Beginnings
Canvas, Irvine — MissionInsite
Geneva, Laguna Woods — Holy Cow

We used Holy Cow to great success! We are already making changes. You have to slay some sacred cows if you want to make gourmet burgers.

- Steve Marsh

Pastor, Geneva, Laguna Woods