The time has come, even though our event is still a few months away. Our 2018 PASTORS’ RETREAT is scheduled at a different time this coming year (Mon, January 29 – Wed, January 31) and our speaker will be addressing a very timely theme that will speak to our souls.

Dr. Laurie Ferguson comes to us from upstate New York and will bring us together around the issue of “Resilience in the Pastorate.” It’s hard for me to think about something as relevant as this for those of us who face change and chaos like we do, especially at this time. Laurie engages pastors around the country as to how we manage our lives in a sea of uncertainty and how to anchor ourselves in the certainties of the gospel. She will also help us to identify what risks we can take in spite of ambiguous outcomes and how we can build a fellowship among us that can help us to bounce back when circumstances cause us to stumble. These three days can make a difference for you!

I have just spent much of the last four years working with pastors and churches in Syria and Lebanon. At this time in their history, God has blessed these church leaders with a robust resiliency and what we are seeing is the ability to come back after such assaults on all levels, to where now many churches are not only surviving but thriving! Each trip I’ve made over there I can see it in the eyes of the pastors, that God is doing a fine work that will carry them through the next phases of their uncertain future.

Laurie will use the Scriptures to help us care for our souls, minds and bodies in such a way that we can tap into the abundant reserves of God and find joy and energy to love, learn and step into the lives of our people. We are growing a base of fellowship as Presbyterian pastors from across Southern California and are welcoming Presbyterian pastors from Santa Barbara to San Diego. It all takes place in the wondrous environs of the coastal mountains in Malibu at Serra Retreat. We have delightful surroundings, good food, great humor and fun, and above all, a crucial time of renewal for us all.

Like last year, the cost is $300 per person for a double room, $350 for a single occupancy room. This includes room and board, full access to Laurie’s presentations and the good meals at Serra. As always, we offer scholarships to those who need them to come. No one who wishes to come should stay away because of the cost. All you need to do is ask and we will work things out with you.

For now, save the dates, make arrangements to cover the cost (even if it is requesting a scholarship), and join me in praying for this event. More info will come later, but for now get it on your calendar!

Blessings of Peace to you,

Tim McCalmont


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