With Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2023

By Tom Cramer

As New Hope’s choir often sings, “I raise my voice in joyful praise!” and especially for the ways you have carried each other’s burdens, joined together in new forms of ministry, and celebrated each other’s successes this year.

Without a deep sense of promised affection and mutual support, which is, of course, a radiant expression of being God’s covenant people, we would be a congregation over here and a new worshiping community over there. But instead, Los Ranchos is practicing life and faith deeply together in more ways than a person can count.

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For the risks you have taken, the resources you have shared, as well as the difficult conversations you have entered with love and respect, I am deeply grateful for the way our presbytery is bringing honor to our Living God. I am also simultaneously humbled and proud to belong to you as a sibling in Christ and to serve as your Executive Presbyter with our amazing staff and leadership groups.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with reminders, big and small, of God’s faithfulness, and may you feel encouraged in the role you are serving not only in this rapidly changing season but for all eternity.

Iglesia Cristiana de Las Americas (NWC) celebrating 13 years of ministry on October 29, 2023.

Warmly in Christ,

Tom Cramer
Executive Presbyter