The Gathering Learning Conversations & Flu Shots

Oct 31, 2023

November 16, 2023 from 2:45-3:45PM
New Hope Presbyterian Church

Flu Shots (FREE) – Administered between 2:15-4:00PM
Faith Community Nurses from Hoag will be present to administer flu shots. Flu Shot FAQ (from FCN)

Revitalization is Possible!

Facilitators: Rev. Alfredo Delgado & Rev. Tom Cramer
Location: Sanctuary (This session will be recorded and available to view upon request.)

With decades of experience in multiple cultures, Presbytery Consultant Alfredo Delgado and Presbytery Executive Tom Cramer will introduce commissioners to the foundations and tools for congregational revitalization. Come ready to join God in bringing new life to your beloved congregation and community! Please download the document: Tools for Revitalizing Congregations, in advance of the session.

The How and Why of Engaging with our Interfaith Neighbors

Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Gail Stearns
Location: Green Room

Join with interfaith friends from our community to discuss how engagement between people of various religions is about friendship. It can be fun and infuse energy into our congregations, and is urgently needed for fostering peace in this critical moment in history. Our Presbytery Moderator, Gail Stearns, spent a decade as the Dean of the Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University. During those years, she developed relationships and engaged in ministry with persons of various faiths on campus and throughout Orange County, while still remaining a Presbyterian in belief and at heart! Join her to meet some of these friends and colleagues, hear their experiences, and participate with them in discussion.

In the Potter’s Hands

Facilitator: Rev. Sandra Kim
Location: Conference Room (Limited to 15 people)

The holiday season is upon us, and for some, this is when we start to sing, “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go… Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done? Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!” However, not everyone is upbeat and cheerful for the holidays. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce, separation, unemployment, diseases of mind and body, trauma, and other circumstances could make holiday joviality sad and painful. “All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.” Ecclesiastes 3:20 reminds us. If you are feeling blue as we approach Advent, the waiting season, please join in making a sacred time and space where we will hope in God our potter, as we feel the molding of the soft and moist clay in our hands. You might want to bring a smock or an extra shirt as we will be working with clay.