More News from the Stated Clerk Search Committee

Sep 1, 2023

CLC Pioneers!

Did you know that the PC(USA) just completely re-vamped the Church Leadership Connection system?  It’s true!  And we’ve had the honor of helping work the bugs out of the new system!  It’s running well now, and we’ve learned the new vocabulary – Personal Information Forms are now called Personal Discernment Profiles.  Ministry Information Forms are now called Ministry Profiles.  So far, we’ve been connected with seven potential candidates, and we’re beginning to see applications.  We’re already scheduling interviews.

Please contact any member of the Clerk Search Committee directly if you have questions or comments.  If you’d like to apply for the position, we’d love to hear from you.  See the position description, apply through CLC, or reach out to us in person.

Lynn Stone, Moderator