Church World Service Needs Your Help

Jul 24, 2023

Looking for a new ministry opportunity that does not cost anything?  Do you have some extra space at your church?  Do you have a few volunteers that could help out for a short-term project?

Church World Service collects and stores emergency kits and distributes them when disasters occur.  These are the same kits that Presbyterian Disaster Assistance calls the Gifts of the Heart KitsChurch World Service is working to increase their presence in California and they have two current needs:

Short Term Storage Space
A temporary storage space in Southern California for 3 weeks this Fall:

  • Kits to be delivered to a temporary location the last week of September.
  • Kits stored at that location until they are picked up on October 23rd.
  • The storage room should be on the main floor of the church building, with easy access to the parking lot.
  • The storage room should have easy access for delivery and pickup of kits.
  • There will be approximately 400 – 500 average size boxes weighing no more than 40 lbs each.
  • These boxes are not palletized—they are stacked on a truck, but they are not on pallets—so there would not be a need for a forklift, pallet jack, etc….
  • CWS can assist in identifying local volunteer groups to help with moving the boxes from the truck to the storage area.

Permanent Storage Space
A few year-round depots:

  • Room or garage consisting of at least a 20 x 20 foot space (hereafter referred to as the “depot”) to receive and store kits temporarily – until they are disbursed to the place(s) they are needed.
  • Three or four volunteers to receive kits at least quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).
  • Depot(s) must be open for one day each quarter, but could be open for more than that or could even be open year round. Being open quarterly (four times per year) is required.
  • Volunteers to meet the CWS trucks for both drop off and pick up.

For more information, contact:

Matthew Stevens
Director of Congregational Campaign
Church World Service

 (PDA) partners with Church World Service (CWS) to “enable congregations and mission partners… to witness to the healing love of Christ.”