Learning Conversation about Mission, Peace and Justice Ministries

May 5, 2023

Monday, June 5th at 4:00PM on Zoom
Led by Rev. Dr. Jonas Hayes and Rev. Maggie Goodwin

Rev. Dr. Jonas Hayes

Rev. Maggie Goodwin

Does your congregation have a mission or advocacy ministry that is collaborative and open to other members of the Presbytery to join in your ministry to serve Christ?

Part of PLR’s Mission is to “cultivate vital partnerships that embody the love and justice of Jesus Christ.” Perhaps you have a mission or advocacy ministry that could be enhanced through the participation of additional members of our Presbytery.

Whittier Presbyterian Church leading a service of worship including the blessing of animals while also raising funds for an organization that helps unhoused folks take care of their pets/service animals.

Or perhaps you are in the process of discerning mission and advocacy ministries for your congregation, and you are looking for new ideas to help energize your own mission.

All pastors, church ministry and mission leaders are welcome to attend this Zoom Meeting to come and listen (and to share!) some of the mission and advocacy ministries, which are already happening within our Los Ranchos congregations.