RN Rejuvenation – Faith Nursing Course

Nov 15, 2022

Hoag Faith Community Nursing (FCN) is offering its 18th course in the Foundations of FCN with over 150 RNs and Health Minister graduates who have ‘loved’ the classes and experience! Mental Health, Spiritual Assessment, Grief & Loss, Accessing Community Resources, Program Development, Volunteer Oversight are among some of the 15 topics covered. This is a hands-on course that requires background reading, practical homework assignments, enriching class participation, and results in access to an expanded world of friends, colleagues, and a rejuvenated spirit. Everyone seems to know a nurse – please share the informational flyer below with others!

Download flyer

For more information on Faith Community Nursing, visit https://www.hoag.org/specialties-services/other-programs-services/spiritual-care/faith-community-nursing/.