Flu Shots to be Administered at the November Presbytery Meeting

Oct 17, 2022

Faith Community Nurses from Hoag will be present at the November Presbytery Gathering to administer flu shots. Even though this date is slightly beyond the recommend date to be most effective against flu this season, we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to protect yourself from the flu. The shots are free and available to all in attendance. There will also be a limited supply of the senior vaccine (recommended for 65+).

November Presbytery Gathering is on Thursday, November 17th
Orange Canaan Presbyterian Church
940 W. Wilshire Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92702


As we enter this year’s flu season, it is especially important to recommend that your faith communities and families receive the flu vaccine. Post pandemic, we are seeing more gatherings, kids are back in school, people are less likely to wear masks, and people are paying less attention to hand washing. With these changes, we are anticipating a more severe flu season, as was seen in Australia, where they reported the worst flu season (May through August 2022) in five years.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the FLU VACCINE:

  1. When should I receive the flu vaccine? It is recommended that individuals receive the flu shot September through the end of October, although vaccination after October can still be effective. For most individuals, one dose is adequate protection for the flu season.
  2. Who should receive the flu vaccine? It is recommended that anyone over the age of 6mo. (unless one has had a severe reaction to the vaccine in the past). Precautions are made for those with egg allergies.

3. May I receive the Covid-19 vaccine or booster and the Flu vaccine at the same time? Yes, one can receive both vaccines at the same time, although there is a slight increase (8-11%) in systemic reactions (fatigue, headache, muscle ache).

4. Can pregnant women receive the flu vaccine? Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to receive the vaccine.

5. Which vaccine should individuals over 65yo receive? The higher dose, adjuvanted flu vaccine is recommended, as it helps to promote a stronger immune response.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Beth N. Otterbein, RN and Faith Community Nurse at Hoag Spiritual Care Dept.

We hope to see you in November!