Church Merger Comes to Life in Stained Glass

Oct 31, 2022

In January of 2020, New Hope Presbyterian Church and St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church started making plans to merge and redevelop the church property in Anaheim.  Construction on the new sanctuary was completed in August of 2022; it included space for a stained glass cross to be the center piece of the chancel.

Rev. Tawnya Denise Anderson

Theologian and Artist, Rev. Tawnya Denise Anderson, Co-moderator of the 222nd General Assembly (2016) of the PCUSA and currently Acting Director at Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries, was commissioned by both churches to create the artwork that would become the final stained glass piece. In this art piece titled, “Resurrection and Hope,” Anderson reminds us we are a community of believers drawn to Christ in our mission and guided by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our service. God’s church reflects the rhythm of life as we encounter life, death and resurrection.



Greg Atwood

Southern California stained glass artisan Greg Atwood was commissioned to create the stained glass.  Atwood was meticulous in using precise colors and cuts of glass to capture the beauty of each church’s legacy and history. The cross reflects mission, service, music, life, death and resurrection. Contained within is the centrality of Jesus as the Bread of Life.

Join New Hope and St. Paul, along with the commissioned artist Rev. Denise Anderson and craftsman Greg Atwood on November 12th at 5:00 pm for the Reflection of Resurrection and Hope Stained Glass Dedication Service, 2580 W. Orange Ave. Anaheim, CA, 92804. If you have any questions, please get in touch with New Hope at [email protected] or call 714-288-9986.

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