(Re)Introducing Pat Niles as Acting Stated Clerk

by | Jan 4, 2022 | News | 0 comments

2016 PLR Moderator, Ruling Elder Pat Niles and PLR Stated Clerk from 1986-2006. (Photo by Erin Dunigan)

In every time and age, God raises up leaders to care for God’s people. Even as we grieve the departure of our colleague and friend Forrest Claassen, we celebrate the ministry of Pat Niles, Ruling Elder of Tustin Presbyterian Church, who served as the Stated Clerk of our presbytery from 1986-2006 and as Los Ranchos’ Moderator in 2016.

Pat comes with a wealth of experience, is respected by all, and will provide the wisdom and guidance we need as Presbytery Council and the Strategic Task Group discern the optimal staffing model for our presbytery’s future.

Photo by Erin Dunigan

Pat’s job description is part time, but essential to how we order ourselves as a presbytery and, by extension, how we embody the love and justice of Jesus Christ in our region.

Let us welcome and pray for Pat as she bridges the gap for us in this season of transition and serves as Los Ranchos’ chief ecclesiastical officer.