A Season of Anticipation: New Buildings for Expanded Mission in Anaheim

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Reflections Blog

By Chineta Goodjoin

The season of Advent represents a time of preparing and waiting.  As we worship and center our lives on the anticipated birth of Christ and his return, we pray for a new peace, hope, joy and love.

In January of 2020 New Hope and St Paul’s Presbyterian Church began to discuss a merger of their churches.  They agreed to an initial memorandum of understanding approved by the Presbytery of Los Ranchos, which allowed New Hope to begin managing and redeveloping the property. The understanding was that New Hope would honor St. Paul’s legacy until they decide to dissolve their congregation. The result has been filled with anticipation and excitement as both churches have collaborated on building design. Some of the new design includes materials and artifacts from the original church that are oriented into a contemporary mid-century modern style reflecting New Hope’s character and vibe as a church.   It has been a time of reflection, hope, mission and excitement. St. Paul’s has recently expressed its desire to dissolve and merge with New Hope.

Construction on the administration building, music hall, kitchen and reception hall at St. Paul’s was completed in August of 2021. On December 1, 2021, the sanctuary at St. Paul’s was demolished and reconstruction began. In this season of anticipation, St. Paul’s and New Hope Presbyterian Church not only anticipate a merger of faith and hope, but there is sacred preparation happening. With every wall that comes down and floor board that is ripped away, we can all rejoice in the love and joy of new mission, justice and service in the community and world.

This reconstruction and redevelopment of the property is not something that we hold on to; it is to be shared in remembrance of the past and with joyous hope for the future.  God is the contractor and architect who has given us a gift of anticipation and love to share!  A new day is coming! Wait, see and pray with us!