A New Bible Study By Courtney Ellis

by | Sep 8, 2021 | News

Courtney is an Associate Pastor at the Presbyterian Church of the Master in Mission Viejo.

From Courtney: We were trying to figure out curriculum for our church’s small groups, which range from junior high students to adults. We read and searched but nothing fit quite right, so we decided to create one in house. It’s free for our people, and we wanted to offer it free to you as well.

This 5-week guide to Philippians features invitations to spiritual practices, study, reflection, and action. It’s geared toward both individuals and small groups, and it features a beautiful poem shared with us by David Wright, a former professor of mine from Wheaton College.

Want a copy? You can access the digital version here. It’s free to use for you, your church, your small group, your sister’s neighbor’s cousin’s grandpa, etc. All you can’t do with it is sell it because, well, that’d just be wrong.

Also, if you end up using the study for your church or small group and want to pitch in a dollar or two per person, you can send payments directly to our church here. Our goal is to cover the costs to keep producing these and making them available to anyone who’d like to use them. (Next up: an Advent series! Woo hoo!)