Stories of Transformation: Missional & Pioneer Leader Training Highlights

by | May 17, 2021 | News

by Alfredo Delgado

It is a joy to highlight God’s transforming work that is taking place in the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. Since January, the Missional & Pioneer Leader Training program has benefited over twenty-five leaders and their congregations.

Meeting on the third Saturday of each month, the training facilitates spaces of reflection, insight, and empowerment for participants who lead established congregations or who are starting new ones. Below you will find a sampling of comments about what the training has meant to participants in their own words.


Christian & Isela Ponciano (CIty of Downey, CA):

“Our participation in these five sessions has meant a lot to us. Before these classes, we felt alone as if sailing in an open sea, trying to understand what God was doing in our lives and the best way to build a new worship community. We are glad and grateful to have a professional and experienced support team that cares about us and is providing us with reliable tools to be successful in what God has put in our hearts to do in our community.”

Katy Lazaro (Iglesia Cristiana de Las Americas, Boyle Heights)

Mary Kiriaku, Church of Amazing Grace

“After our April meeting, we organized a Prayer Walk which took place this past Saturday. It was one of the tools discussed in the training. We had not done that before. It was a great way to get our congregation involved in outreach in a new way.”

Mary Kiriaku (Church of Amazing Grace International):

“The topics are relevant and timely. I especially enjoyed the discussion on the different virtual tools. May God continue to bless you as you serve.”

Rocio Ibarra

Rocio Ibarra (Iglesia Cristiana de Las Americas, Boyle Heights)

“The presenters have been very open and approachable, making me feel comfortable to reach out in case I had additional questions or resources outside of the time allotted.

“I enjoy hearing from all the different leaders who attend and what they are doing in their own congregations or how they have addressed each scenario. It has been a great learning experience and I hope they continue with these next year!”

Lucy Wamagatta  (Church of Amazing Grace International):

“The training has helped me know how to deal with people who are visiting our church how to do follow up with them so they can connect with our church.”

Tim Cox

Tim Cox (First Presbyterian Church of Babylon, NY):

“Missional & Pioneer Leadership Training has helped me rethink my ministry here in New York. It has been a pleasure to participate with my brothers and sisters on the west coast, and I’ve learned much from my time with the Los Ranchos Presbytery. What I thought was going to offer tips and tricks for organizational change became a full blown strategy that depends fully on the Holy Spirit. It has been a blessing to be to be involved in this program. Thanks, Alfredo!”