Environmental Educational Series

by | Feb 2, 2021 | News

This Environmental Educational Series is focused on providing the participants with background knowledge so that they can successfully discuss major environmental issues with their relatives and friends. These ZOOM presentations will be given once a week. Major topics include climate change, weird weather, energy systems, endangered species, and Covid – 19.

This approach has been very successfully used at variety of organizations ranging from UCSD to Wesley Palms Retirement Community.

The presentations include Q&A both during and after the presentation. This approach actively engages the audience, and ensures that they really get their questions answered. Come to find out how we can solve major environmental problems while simultaneously improving our quality of life.

Dr. English frequently lectures on Environmental Issues to university, civic, industrial, governmental, and church groups. He is ranked in the top 0.1 % of the Climate Reality Project’s speakers’ program. He has lectured at over one hundred universities, and has given eight White House presentations .

To sign up for this series, send the following information to tdenglish3@sbcglobal. net
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