Get Ready to LAUNCH! Missional and Pioneer Training 2021

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Event Photos, Leadership, News

A Letter from Alfredo Delgado:

Dr. Alfredo Delgado

At first blush, you may think a global pandemic would be a strange time to expand your congregation’s reach, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Everything else in society is in flux, so people are naturally open to spiritual paths that offer hope, community, and wholeness. When they are introduced to Jesus at such a time, they find a “Way of Life” and a community of followers that are inescapably compelling.

Perhaps that is why missional leaders and church starters are arising everywhere. The world is ready for them, and so is God’s Church, whether it is revitalizing an established congregation or starting something completely new.

That is why in 2021, the Presbytery of Los Ranchos is offering monthly webinars and building a supportive community to train and equip these pioneers of faith. The gatherings are called “Missional and Pioneer Leader Training.” The main goal is to facilitate spaces where these contemporary apostles and innovators can hear from others who have successfully revitalized congregations and started new worshipping communities.

This comprehensive training will motivate, equip, and mobilize missional and pioneer leaders to thrive in places where God has called them to change hearts and transform society.

Click here to find the 2021 Course Descriptions and Faculty for Missional and Pioneer Training (Year 1).

For more information, please contact Alfredo Delgado at: or at: (562) 805-7844.

Thank you,

Dr. Alfredo Delgado
PLR Consultant
Church Revitalization &
New Worshipping Communities