What is Matthew 25?

by | Oct 2, 2020 | News

At our September Presbytery Gathering, the Rev. Dr. Diane Moffatt brought greetings from the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Moffatt also gave a passionate keynote on the “Matthew 25 Vision.”

PMA is one of six agencies of our denomination and oversees such important ministries as the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and our Social Witness Policy.

Dr. Moffatt’s message centered on one question, “When did we see Jesus?” and with passion and conviction she told the story of how the Matthew 25 Vision is focusing our work as a denomination, saying, “It is a wonder to behold how God is working within and among us to bring about the just and loving relationships intended for the human family.”

The Matthew 25 Vision is not new. Nor was it created from the top down. It integrates the biblical, theological, and ecclesial foundations that form the bedrock of discipleship, that is, thinking, feeling, and becoming in our time more like the beloved community that Jesus calls the “Kingdom of God.”

What is Matthew 25?

Matthew 25:31–46 calls all of us to actively engage in the world around us, so our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities. Convicted by this passage, both the 222nd and 223rd General Assemblies (2016 and 2018) exhorted the PC(USA) to act boldly and compassionately to serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor. (https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/matthew-25/)

Every church can chose to become a Matthew 25 congregation.

What does that mean?

Being a Matthew 25 church means your church has accepted the PC(USA)’s invitation to follow Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 25:31–46 by becoming active disciples and making a difference in our community and the world. As part of the Matthew 25 commitment, a congregation pledges to embrace one or more of

the three areas of focus:

  • Building congregational vitality by deepening and energizing our faith and growing as joyful leaders and disciples actively engaged with our community as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed
  • Dismantling structural racism by fearlessly applying our faith to advocate and break down the systems, practices and thinking that underlie discrimination, bias, prejudice and oppression of people of color
  • Eradicating systemic poverty by acting on our beliefs and working to change laws, policies, plans and structures in our society that perpetuate economic exploitation of people who are poor

To become a Matthew 25 church the congregation make a pledge and can let the national church know by signing up here.

To learn more and for ideas on how to get involved and do your vital part as a member of a Matthew 25 church, please visit the PC(USA) website for resources and for more information on how to become a Matthew 25 church.