A Taste of GA—Commissioners’ Reflections – Chris Mears

by | Aug 14, 2020 | News

Chris Mears (Ruling Elder Commissioner, New Hope Presbyterian Church)

GA was an affirmation of the progressive heart and soul of our church, and our commitment to the oppressed and to the marginalized. It puts us among those at the forefront of the social justice movement. The willingness of our national church, as a matter of stated policy, to accept our participation in the structural racism and sexism that has defined so much of our past, and too much of our present, is deeply humbling and inspiring. It is a shame that we were unable to meet face-to-face with other commissioners in Baltimore in order to more fully explore, and strategize, on all issues of concern. Nonetheless, this electronic meeting was an inspiration, and the national leadership and staff are to be commended for their fine efforts, which managed to produce a memorable conference. Our church has declared its place in the faith community as a body deeply committed to the call of Jesus.