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by | Apr 7, 2020 | News

Rev. Dr. Johnson Kinyua is a minister of Word and Sacrament, serving Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI) a New Worshipping Community of Los Ranchos.

In 2014, Johnson met with one of the leaders at Milele college in Nakuru, Kenya with whom he shared his vision about training of leaders and establishment of the Kasisi Global Institute.

Milele College in Nakuru, Kenya has a mission to prepare, inspire and empower individuals and organizations by providing exemplary education and research in a dynamic society. Milele, means “forever” in Swahili.

Johnson’s vision is to attend to the needs of faith communities in USA and Kenya through training Christian leaders who seek to contextualize their ministries. The mission is to train Christian leaders who deliberately and intentionally attend to the activity of God in our present time.

Johnson recounted, “In February of 2018 after the registration of Kasisi Global Institute as 501c3 in the state of California, I entered into a memorandum of understanding between Kasisi Global and Milele College, Nakuru.”

In April of 2019, Johnson received an SCT grant to launch a training program in partnership with Milele College for Kasisi Global Institute. The grant for up to $2,000 was for travel and housing expenses for the leadership training program with Milele College.

Kasisi Global Institute and Milele conducted their first joint training in March 2019.

A training held in February 2020 training was our second joint effort. Other leadership from the presbytery were Tom Cramer, Jana, and Mary Kinyua. They have had an average of 55 attendees in the two trainings.

“My main objective is to continue facilitating an annual training program in partnership with Milele College in Nakuru (Kenya). We train and inspire young leaders (from rural Kenya) who have minimal theological or leadership training. The goal is to train leaders across denominational and ethnic lines.”

Other goals the two partnering bodies have is to:

  1. Develop a unique curriculum on leadership
  2. Offer opportunities to the young and talented people to develop their leadership skills and personal development
  3. Explore with Milele other areas of cooperation

The overall goal is to establish co-operative relations between Kasisi Global Institute and willing partners, especially in the development of training programs through mutual partnership in areas of education, leadership, research, capacity building, professional integrity, self-reliance, and service.

Johnson has a few students registered and he teaches them through Skype  meetings each Wednesday morning. He also has three students from the GACI congregation who have registered for face to face classes.

The newly established Kasisi Global Institute offers courses on leadership, counseling, theology, religion and public policy.

What can this mean for Los Ranchos?

The Presbytery of Los Ranchos can benefit by offering exposure of the American as well as Kenyan Christian leaders and laity through cultural exchange, international visits, and sharing of ideas. We are also invited to partner in prayer and support. And we have two-way learning opportunities for the church in Africa which is growing exponentially and the Presbytery.


How can I get involved?

Johnson shares that the people of Los Ranchos can get involved in teaching and training, providing expertise in different fields, get connected with Church of Amazing Grace International through joint events, and asking human resources to help in planning and forward thinking

If you are interested in joining this ministry, please contact Johnson at [email protected] or Tom Cramer at [email protected] to start a conversation on how you can plug in.

Rev. Dr. Johnson Kinyua teaching

Rev. Dr. Johnson Kinyua is a minister of Word & Sacrament and a theologian serving at Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI) a New Worshipping Comminity of Los Ranchos. Johnson is married to Mary. They have three children; Milka (23), Ayub (19), and Eunice (17). He is also part time as adjunct faculty of religion and ethics at St. Leo University.