Hi All–A few of you have asked me whether the Presbytery has any statement regarding COVID-19. We don’t, and we aren’t likely to. A couple “here’s why.”

(In my next post here, I’ll add a couple of sources of information and invite you to add what you can offer as well. Perhaps together we can crowdsource the best response).

Here’s why we aren’t likely to make a public statement:

  1. We’re not a public health agency.
  2. We don’t, to the best of my knowledge, have any infectious disease experts on our staff or as volunteer members of any of our committees.
  3. So: your best information will come directly from the CDC and from *local* public health agencies. Keep in touch with them. What should happen in La Mirada may be very different than in Mission Viejo.
  4. Finally, your Sessions know their congregations best. They are the best groups for making decisions about how and when to act for the physical AND spiritual good of our people.

The above is all my own reasoning and does not represent an official position of the Presbytery. But it does seem well to encourage your prudence in the absence of an official position.

Be well, friends.