Eat Move Believe for Teens

by | Dec 17, 2019 | News, Success Stories

Canyon Hills Elder Malia Lewis PhD
Offers Simple Truths about Healthy Living

Perfect for Youth and Family Ministries

Author of Eat Move Believe for Teens, Malia Lewis PhD, is willing to serve all Los Ranchos congregations with free seminars about healthy eating, proper exercise, and positive thinking. Presbytery Co-Executive Tom Cramer has this to say about Eat Move Believe: “As a professor of anatomy for many years, Malia knows her stuff. Her book and lectures cut through all fluff about eating right and feeling good in one’s body. She keeps it simple and nets it out.  She is the perfect person to help teenagers develop healthy ways of thinking, eating, and exercising that will last their whole lives long.”


To contact her for your congregation’s youth or parenting ministry, just call Malia at 714-392-6254 or email her at


More Information

Life as a teen spans some of the best years and some of the toughest. Self-doubt from social media comparisons, anxiety regarding school performance, and negative body image can wreak havoc on fragile egos. Interactive, short seminars (15-30 min) provide simple truths about living healthy for life and are perfect at the start of sports camps and training, clubs, classrooms, or anytime! Key messages include:

  • Eating three well portioned meals and two healthy snacks per day speeds up your metabolism, prevents the afternoon slump, and effectively fuels a busy day and demanding workouts.
  • Finding a regular activity or sport that you enjoy will keep your body strong, fit and moving for life.
  • Positive attitude is stressed, and teens are encouraged to work on believing in themselves, their self-worth and their dreams.

Eat Move Believe for Teens utilizes books, website support and social media as contact points for teens as they discover the ‘Eat Move Believe’ style that works best for them. Our message integrates individuality and accountability and stresses that teens arm themselves with knowledge, avoid comparison with others, and take ownership of their health.


Kids Helping Kids

100% of proceeds from “Eat Move Believe for Teens” books will go to local and international charities that help kids grow, learn and thrive.


Resources for Teens

Website: – General information plus a FAQ page where teens can research topics, ask questions and receive feedback.

Instagram: Eatmovebelieveforteens – Daily posts and quotes that foster thought and provide information.

Facebook – Eatmovebelieve – Daily posts and quotes.

Eat Move Believe for Teens
Malia Lewis