Seeking Commissioners for the 224th General Assembly of the PC (USA)

by | Sep 16, 2019 | News

The 224th General Assembly of the PC (USA) will be held June 20-27, 2020 in Baltimore, MD. 

The Presbytery of Los Ranchos is looking for people willing to serve as commissioners for the 224th General Assembly. This is a rewarding and important time to be with delegates representing our 170 presbyteries to worship, reflect, discern, and vote on matters that concern us as people of faith. The Assembly will listen to different voices, lifting up perspectives that both resonate and challenge. This is one of the beauties of what it means to be Presbyterian. 

We will elect 2 Ruling Elders, 2 Ministers of Word and Sacrament and 1 Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD), plus 1-2 alternates. Each of these delegates will be assigned to one of the GA committees. The General Assembly pays for transportation to the gathering as well as lodging and meals for all commissioners. Additionally, there is assistance available for dependent care if needed. 

Please refer to the Guidelines for GA Commissioners that helps explain who is eligible to be a commissioner and what to expect before, during, and after GA. Please note that this is an intense week and does require some level of endurance. 

If you decide that you would like to be nominated as a General Assembly Commissioner, please fill out the attached Biography Information Form and return it to [email protected] before November 8, 2019. Please use these guidelines to inform your thinking.You are welcome to pass the guidelines and biography information application along to others. 

If you have decided you would like to be nominated as a General Assembly Commissioner, please fill out a Biography Information Form and return it to [email protected] before October 23. Your Biographical Information Form will be included in the November Presbytery Gathering packet, and your name will be placed into nomination at the meeting on November 21st. You will be introduced and asked to speak for two minutes on why you would like to attend the 2020 General Assembly.