The Importance of Training for Church Planters

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Rev. Martin Garcia, Director of Cyclical Los Ranchos

It was the fall of 1996 when I was called to plant my first church. I have to acknowledge that I had more enthusiasm and passion than knowledge on how to start this process to plant this new worshiping community. The reality is that 23 years later, this continues to be the main reason why many church planters are not successful with their projects. I have seen many church planters having a lot of passion for what they want to do, but no idea on how to start, no idea on how to raise money, no idea on how to reach out families for this new worshiping community they want to start.

Cyclical Los Ranchos was created to eliminate this problem from the equation of the church planter. Through Cyclical, the planter is able to start in a process to discern what it is that he/she wants to do, what kind of worshiping community, and where they can start this new congregation. Through Cyclical, the potential planter will find the resources needed and the training to plan and structure the steps to develop the new worshiping community God is calling him/her to start.  

In the next months (September/October), Cyclical Los Ranchos will be offering a series of workshops where potential planters can start dreaming about the kind of congregation God is leading them to start. We will have training workshops on how to raise money, how to develop a plan to start a congregation, among several other important workshops that will put skills on your hands to start your new church on the solid ground. For more information, check all of the emails coming from the presbytery, or email me