Host an International Peacemaker to Speak at Your Congregation in September.

by | Aug 23, 2019 | News

International Peacemaker, Muna Nassar, Brings Her Message of Hope Working with Kairos Palestine

International Peacemakers, a ministry of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, invites leaders from our partner churches around the world to share their experience as peacemakers. This is one of the missions supported by the Peacemaking Offering taken in many of our churches on the first Sunday in October.

Muna Nassar is an International Peacemaker who will be in the Los Ranchos Presbytery the weekend of September 26 – 29, 2019. She will be sharing her message of hope through her work with Kairos Palestine, a Christian Palestinian organization, during a workshop at the September Presbytery Gathering and at the St. Mark worship services over the weekend. Following the Saturday Evening Service there will be a reception with Q&A at St. Mark’s. She does have time available to meet with more congregations in the afternoon or early evening on September 26 and 27. If you would like to host Muna Nassar in your congregation contact Susan Eaton via email at [email protected].


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Muna Nassar is a writer, freelancer translator and a literary/culturally infused personality, based in Bethlehem. She spends her time reading, enjoying classical music and working for a better Palestinian future. She is involved in the cultural domain in Bethlehem, and is currently working with Kairos Palestine, a Christian Palestinian movement born out of the Kairos Document, which advocates for ending the Israeli occupation and achieving a just solution to the conflict. She writes, “as a young-adult Palestinian Christian trying to find hope in a hopeless situation, I would like to talk about the meaning of hope, the realities that Palestinian young people face today and how hope may still be possible in my lifetime. I look forward to sharing a view of Palestine that is more than an occupied land, but a place with rich culture, literature and traditions.”