Come Serve with Us!

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The wider church is a beautiful place to serve. At the presbytery level you’ll find servant leaders who are passionate about God’s mission, and realize that, for Presbyterians, we depend on each other to grow God’s Church. 
Although it is a little tongue-in-cheek to say out loud, we are a denomination “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” The official Reformed doctrine is known, of course, as “the priesthood of all believers,” meaning that we don’t expect hired professionals to make decisions for us or to do ministry on our behalf. Rather, we ask God in prayer, “What am I called to do in this big wonderful Church of yours?”

Called to Serve

Sometimes the answer is to serve in local ministries, but sometimes—and here is where Los Ranchos comes in (and hopefully you)—the answer is to make a difference beyond your local church.
As a presbytery, Los Ranchos is like the connective tissue that holds the larger body of Presbyterians together. But more importantly, through our congregations and partnerships, we are the hands and feet of Jesus to the 5.3 million people who live in our region. 
That means we do everything in our power to help our established congregations grow in the quality of their own fellowships as well as the impact of their outreach. At the same time, we are constantly looking for places where we feel called to start new worshipping communities. In addition, we seek out ministry partners who can help us expand our witness to the love and justice of Christ in our region, whether through reducing homelessness, caring for refugees, or providing health care. 

Answering God’s Call

To accomplish this work, we need people with all sorts of gifts and talents, even ones you might not normally think of as “spiritual.” Believe me; God can use your background in human resources or real estate development or accounting to strengthen our witness as a presbytery. Those with community organizing experience are greatly needed as well.
Therefore, if you feel called, or are even just “wondering if you might be called,” to make an impact for Christ beyond your congregation, the presbytery staff is here to guide you to a fruitful and fulfilling place of service.
Please contact me or any staff person with your questions, or check out the descriptions of each of our working groups under the Leadership & Committees tab on the main menu of our website. God calls us to accomplish great things together, and in offering ourselves to that work, we not only do our part to restore the world to wholeness, but we can find deep personal satisfaction as well.