Challenge – met!

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Potter’s Lane/American Family Housing in Midway City. This is one of the ten Los Ranchos Challenge Fund projects that began in 2015. Sixteen homeless veterans will have clean, furnished studio apartments, thanks in part to the initiate of Jesse Lund and Trabuco Presbyterian Church.

Congratulations, presbytery! As of this writing almost all of your Los Ranchos Challenge goals have been met! This includes money dedicated to:

–Helping the elderly ‘become more alive’ by connecting them with youth – and helping youth to develop empathy and connection

–Helping to feed more than 24,000 individuals in Long Beach who are homeless

–Providing hot showers – and hospitality toward the forgotten in Garden Grove

–Accessible playgrounds that allow all children to play

–Providing life skills to urban youth

–Making available affordable housing for homeless veterans, many suffering from PTSD

–Helping congregations become more multicultural

–Providing stable housing for families at risk

–Building relationships with those who are in transition living in an RV park

–Helping to cultivate an ‘urban mission hub’ in Long Beach

–Providing spiritual community for those


Rob Langworthy of Covenant Presbyterian Church embraces two of his students. Through the Rising Tide after-school program in Long Beach, low-income students are empowered to fulfill their potential.

We in the Los Ranchos Presbytery have long been known for our bold, innovative ministry and mission. From the ‘Mission on our Doorstep’ days to today, we continue to follow Jesus as he commands us to love God and love our neighbor as ourself. Ours is not a sprint – it is a marathon – and we are in it together. In fact, we believe that we are better together.

So, thank you to all who have made this possible, to all who are serving others, to all who continue to follow this call to practice what we preach, to live what we love as we seek “to be a community of flourishing congregations that joyfully participate in God’s redemptive work through Jesus Christ in the world.”