Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.00.37 AMThe Heidelberg opens with the affirmation that our only comfort is that we are not our own, but belong body and soul, in life and death to our faithful savior Jesus Christ. This stands over against the contemporary mythology that life is something we self-construct.

These presentations by the Rev. Dr. Craig Barnes at the Annual Pastors Retreat for the Presbyteries of Los Ranchos and Santa Barbara focus on Jacob who is an ancient poster boy for this current myth, to which we are so devoted even as pastors. He was blessed by God before he was even born but spent most of his life trying to achieve the blessing of a life he could only receive from the hand of a gracious God.

We began our journey with God by grace, were called to ordination by grace, and we can only continue by the grace that keeps reminding us we belong to our faithful Savior.

I. Striving for a Blessing: Genesis 25:21-26



II. Striving to Love the Church: Genesis 29:15-20


III. Striving with Ministry: Genesis 30:25-30


IV. Striving with God: Genesis 32:9-12