slide1Three former Los Ranchos Executive Presbyters reside at Monte Vista Grove Homes in Pasadena.  JOHN CHANDLER is in the skilled nursing unit, The Health Center.  His wife, HAROLDINE CHANDLER is in the Hearth, the assisted living unit.  CLARA HEER has just entered the Health Center following treatment at the Huntington Hospital for pneumonia, a lung disease and heart problems.   RAY HEER,  the founding Executive Presbyter is her caregiver.  A picture was on display of the two couples assembling a gingerbread house at Christmas time captioned,  “Still Building”.  DAVE TOMLINSON is keeping busy as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and Acting President of the New Theological Seminary of the West.  His wife, ANNE TOMLINSON is the Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. They are in Independent Living.

JOHN TOAY and his wife, BARBARA,  are residents in Independent Living.  John says, “I hope  Steve Yamaguchi doesn’t apply to move in.  Three retired Executive are enough!”  There are some other Presbytery and Synod Executives in residence but don’t tell John.

Other Los Ranchos folk at MVGH include EVELYN THOMAS HEYNE, the widow of JACK THOMAS,  who served as an Interim Executive Presbyter. She lives in The Hearth.   MAS HIBINO, BILL VAN LOAN and wife, JUDY POST, TOM AND CAROL ERICKSON, BOB AND LARAE PARRY, and HUW and RACHEL CHRISTOPHER live in Independent Living.  MARIAN DEEMER AND LUCILLE KROPFF live in the Health Center. 

Cards and letters are very welcome.  All have the same mailing address:

2889 San Pasqual Street
Pasadena, CA. 91107
Teaching Elders  of Los Ranchos Presbytery that live at Monte Vista Grove Homes

Rev. Ray Heer
Rev. John Chandler
Rev. David Tomlinson
Rev. John Toay
Rev. Mas Hibino
Rev. Bill Van Loan
Rev. Tom Erickson
Rev. Bob Parry
Rev. Huw Christopher