A Message from SMRT

0eaac3aa1bdcf165f15a8636ce185e7fThe Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) has reviewed the program started six years ago, requiring all Teaching Elders to attend training seminars on this subject. Since that time many changes have occurred and a Social Media policy has become an additional concern.

Discussions with the insurance carriers underwriting most of your local policies and those of Los Ranchos led to an awareness that continuing education on these subjects is mandated. While they recommend yearly, the Committee settled on every three years and the insurance carriers agree.

Therefore, starting May 28, 2015, a 75 minute update will be offered as part of our Open Space program. We will offer a program at 2:00pm and again at 3:30pm. It will include a video by Church Mutual, discussion on reporting requirements and establishing boundaries. A brief review of the program will also be covered. Attendance and certifications will be available in your Los Ranchos Presbytery files for future references.

We will offer this again at the November Open Space.

This requirement is for Teaching Elders only, but it is expected that you will arrange for a review within your local churches. It presumes that everyone already has a policy approved by their Session. Assistance is available for those needing an update to their current program.