Wat-and-Bible-300x199Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ:

At the end of the weekly Worship today, I presented the SEAP Gift of $12,000 to Dean Chaipon. It will be used for:

1) Purchase and Install 6 LCD Projectors in the Classrooms lacking projectors.

2) Purchase 10 Wireless Receivers, which facilitate simultaneous translation of Worship services Thai to English or English to Thai.
3) Purchase 3 new computers for the MCD Office with the existing computers being installed in the Dorm for use by the students who do not have a personal computer.

After the presentation most of the Faculty came to tell me what a blessing the projectors will be for them. The objective of our Gift is to enhance the academic experience of these students and future students.

The following were my comments to Dean Chaipon:

“I present to you this Gift, which is for 6 new LCD Projectors, 10 Wireless Receives and 3 new computers, which is to enhance the academic experience for the students and allow the faculty to use the latest technology in their lectures.  It is an expression of our love for each of you and the future students and it our thank you to you for dedicating your lives to spreading the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ here is Southeast Asia.  We thank you for you commitment to this ministry.”

I want to thank all of you from SEAP who made this Gift possible.

Grace and Peace,

Dave Swidrak