Wat and BibleAgain this year the Southeast Asia Partnership will help sponsor seminary students studying for their Master of Divinity degree at Payap University, College of Divinity in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  These students come from all over Southeast Asia to complete their academic work and then return to their home countries, tribes and villages with the “Life Transforming Power of Jesus Christ.”

In addition to sponsoring three students in their final year of study and two students in their second year of study, the Partnership will help sponsor four new students.

chiang-mai-thai-schoolAtchima is 37 years old and Thai.  Her parents are retired and now volunteer full time for the church.  Her background is in science and is interested in how science and Christianity go together.  She has worked with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc., and believes God is calling her to be a missionary when she graduates.

Hka Li is 35 years old.  He is from the Kachin tribe in Myanmar.  He has served as pastor of a very small village church in Myanmar and now wants study at the seminary in order to serve Christ better.

Zung is of the Kachin tribe in Myanmar and received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Kachin Theological Seminary in Myanmar where three of our graduates are on the faculty.

Thailand2Kittipong is 47 years old, married but no children.  He comes from a very small farming village in Thailand and will study in the Thai language Master of Divinity program.  He was raised in a Christian family but says it was not until he attended a youth camp that he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior.  He believes he needs further his  education at seminary in order to better serve God as a pastor.

Thai Students

In early October, Ron and Evie Oglesbee (who taught at this seminary for six years following retirement) along with David Swidrak, will visit the seminary to meet and welcome these new students whom the Partnership is asked to help sponsor.  They will also hear reports from the 2nd and 3rd year students on their Summer Field Work experience and will take NRSV Bibles for all of the new English language students.  English Bibles are in limited supply in Thailand and the NRSV is next to impossible to find.  You may send one in your name if you wish.

For more information or to learn how you might become involved in this ministry,  contact: Ron Oglesbee   562-334-6749