Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos
 November 21, 2013

Stated Clerk Forrest Claassen was installed during the Worship Service.  Synod Executive Doska Ross participated in the installation.

The annual remembrance of elders who died during the past year was observed during the worship service.

$3,096 was received for the Samaritan Fund.

Stated Clerk

Standing Rules were amended to correctly show that the Strategic Coordinating Team is made up of 18 members.

In his report the Stated Clerk reminded presbyters that the 11th edition of Roberts Rules prohibits electronic voting.  “It is important to understand that, regardless of the technology used, the opportunity for simultaneous aural communication is essential to the deliberative character of the meeting.”

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Inquirer David Ludwig and Candidate Kwan Park were removed from the CPM Rolls per their request.

Committee on Ministry

The duties of the Administrative Commission for First United Presbyterian Church of Long Beach were amended to grant original jurisdiction and expanded its membership.

The Administrative Commission for Getsemaní Worshipping Fellowship of Anaheim was continued to mid-2014.

Nancy Pearson was examined and approved for ordination.  Nancy’s call as Intentional Interim Associate to Presbyterian Church of the Master in Mission Viejo was approved.

Pastoral contracts were renewed for teaching elders Lissa Smith, Mike Wallman, Tom Erickson.

COM reported approval of a Temporary Pastoral relationship with Rev. Duy Pham and Vietnamese Presbyterian Church of Garden Grove; and to enroll him as a corresponding member.

Committee on Nominations

Nancy Pearson was elected Vice-Moderator and Moderator Elect of the Presbytery for 2014.

The slate presented by the Committee plus four nominated from the floor were elected to begin in 2014.

Included in that slate were the corporate officers as follows:  Lanny Hawkinson, President; Howard Hawkins, Treasurer; and Forrest Claassen, Secretary.

Council Report

Approved “A Pastoral Rule” for the spiritual enrichment of teaching elders, ruling elders, and ministry leaders.

Presented the paper “On Affirming the Responsibility of Teaching Elders for Conducting a Marriage Ceremony”

Approved the $980,000 Administrative Operating Expense Budget as presented by Trustees.

Approved the motion to hold Trustees accountable for a multi-year strategic plan for the Presbytery’s financial future by mid-2014.

Financial Future Task Force Report

Approved a one-time suspension of the Sale of Church Properties Policy with regard to use of one-half of funds received from the sale of El Siloe property and setting aside an amount for ministry and administrative operating purposes over a period of the next five years with restrictions and need for vote to release additional funds.

Approved use of an amount from total proceeds from congregations dismissed from the Presbytery of Los Ranchos to be made available for ministry and administrative operating purposes over a period of the next five years, with an annual cap to be determined by Trustees and Council.

Having completed their task, voted to dissolve the FFTF with thanks and gratitude.