Canvas Presbyterian Church, Website
17332 Von Karman Avenue #115, Irvine, California 92614
October 21, 7 PM

“Challenges the Egyptian Christians Face after the Egyptian Revolution”
by Dr. Atef Gendy

Music and refreshments will be provided by International Theological Seminary.

Dr. Gendy, PhD has served as the President of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo since 2000. He continues to serve as a Professor of New Testament for the Cairo campus.

Atef initially worked as a civil engineer from 1982-1984, then served for eight years (1984–1992) as director of a training center in the south of Egypt to help equip lay leaders for the ministry in village churches (especially in churches that had no pastors). He graduated from ETSC in 1992 and was selected that same year as an instructor in New Testament.

egypt2Dr. Gendy earned his Ph.D. in 2001 from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he studied under I. Howard Marshall and wrote his thesis on “The Parables of Jesus or the Parables of Mathew? A question of the Authenticity of the Parables in the First Gospel” He has written study notes to the book of Acts for the Bible Society of Egypt and is currently serving as a translation consultant for the Revised Arabic Bible Translation (Van Dyke). He has an Arabic book in print about the Interpretation of the Parables of Jesus with Dar Al-Thaqafa Publishing House. He currently serves on the editorial committee for an ongoing project (The Arabic Contemporary commentary), which is a mutual endeavor between the same publishing house and Langham. He also is writing a commentary on Matthew for this project.

Dr. Gendy was also among the 12 scholars who comprised the committee formed by The World Evangelical Alliance to handle the debated translations of the familial divine terms “Father/Son”.

Atef is recognized as a leader in the Synod of the Nile and the newly formed Council of Churches of Egypt and is frequently asked to speak in the U.S. and Europe about the circumstances and witness of the Evangelical Church in Egypt.

Topics for the USA Trip:

About the Egyptian revolution:

1- The testimony of the Egyptian church in an Islamic context.

2- The responsibility of the Egyptian church in view of the current situation

3- What is going on in Egypt? Who is responsible for the burning of 100 churches?

4- The experience of theocracy in Egypt and lessons about the role of religion in modern Egypt

5- Revisiting theological themes in view of the current situation in Egypt.

6- Challenges that Christians encounter after the Egyptian revolution.

Sunday Sermons: (Place and Time TBA)

“Never give up”

· Why successful leaders eventually collapse (1 King 19 : 1 – 18)

· Reasons for Christian hope in the midst of crisis (2 Cor. 4 : 7 – 12)