Thursday, November 29th
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Open Space

We are pleased to announce that Rubens Muzio will be visiting our presbytery the week of our November Presbytery Gathering and sharing about “Church Planting Strategies and Church Planting Movements in Brazil.” He will be leading two open spaces at the gathering on November 29.

He is also available that week to meet with your congregation. Please consider inviting Rubens to share a perspective on church planting and church growth from a different country. He is also available to discuss his mission work with your congregation or mission committee.

Rubens is a missionary, author and theology professor in Brazil and is involved with church planting. Rubens has been involved in a partnership for many years with a group of our churches. Rubens’ offer to share his expertise with us is a wonderful example of a “giving back” in our partnerships.

If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact Jill Nagasugi at [email protected].

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