The mission of New Hope Presbyterian Church to support music arts continues to touch the lives of young musicians. “The Hope Alive! initiative is what faith is about,” said Pastor Chineta Goodjoin, “More than a mission, it is a journey of joy to see people rally in support of music arts and education.”

This summer’s Music Academy at New Hope affirms the strength of partnership and mission. “Last year, we had eight students participate,” said Goodjoin. “This year, 52!” Instructors and students from Santa Ana High School and throughout Southern California participated in this academy. Classes were presented in musicianship, vocal technique, sight reading, ensemble performance; the values of HOPE: Honor, Obedience, Perseverance and Equality, were also emphasized.

This academy culminated with the Hope Alive! youth orchestra debuting at an outdoor concert on August 15, 2012, which paved the way for their next performance on November 11th at Santa Ana High School. Grammy Award winning trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and world famous percussionist Sheila E. will perform with the orchestra.

“The school district values the partnership with the church as a strong ally benefiting our students to understand the value of the arts. Hope Alive! maximizes our student engagement and keeps them connected with school.” Herman Mendez, Assistant Superintendent, Santa Ana Unified School District.

“As a strong supporter of music arts programs, I am excited to be part of Hope Alive! and the vision of New Hope Church to keep music alive in schools. Arturo Sandoval, Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter.

“Music arts is a gateway to academic success. I support New Hope Presbyterian Church in its mission, and I look forward to making music and sharing the stage with the Hope Alive! Youth Orchestra at Santa Ana High School.” Sheila E., percussionist.

Visit this wonderful video of the Hope Alive! program in action. For more information, learn about Rays of Hope and visit the New Hope Church website.