A great deal of wonderful new stewardship information has come out of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. This resource gives good information about tools for increasing stewardship in congregations. It also highlights a new program in collaboration with the Presbyterian Foundation do focus on and offer help for stewardship.

John Turner, our local Presbyterian Foundation representative, and an office mate in the Los Ranchos Presbytery office in Anaheim, is the local Ministry Relations Program officer. He is a well-trained and long-time professional fundraiser and gift-planning professional who brings a wealth of knowledge to congregations about how to inspire generosity and stewardship in the congregation. John also offers his own brand of personal help in stewardship to local congregations through his personal experiences over many years of fundraising and stewardship planning. You can contact John at (866)860-3383 (office) or (714)271-4880 (cell) or email him at [email protected].

 Check here for more information about stewardship resources, including upcoming workshops.