Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Los Alamitos

Emad Samir brings biblical Egypt to live in a series of dazzling and informative lectures, seminars and retreats. Topics include talks on the patriarchs of Egypt: Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, Moses, Man of God, Jesus and the flight to Egypt, Christian Egypt and more. His passion and depth of knowledge illuminates biblical Egypt and offers penetrating insight into explosive events in the present. Emad has spent 20 years in Egypt, guiding tours, exploring pyramids, cruising the Nile and tracing ancient routs of Christian history.

Bring Emad to your church or organization for a sermon, lecture, day-long seminar or weekend retreat! As “Scholar in Residence” at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Emad will serve as an educational resource to church communities, as well as other educational and community organizations.

A comment about Emad’s class.

“The class, “Egypt, the Cradle of Christianity” is a very comprehensive course with an immense amount of information to enable us to understand the role of Egypt in bringing about God’s plan of salvation with all the people, circumstances and situations involved.  It has brought me closer to God.  Emad Samir presents the information engaging us in the ancient history of Egypt, piquing our interest with his expertise, knowledge, genuineness and humor.  Emad supports all of the information given with Biblical scripture.  It is such a meaningful and valuable experience and many of us linger even after the class time concludes to talk with him and hear more.”

Contact Emad at [email protected] to talk about his program. Contact Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church at 619-395-3199 for more information.